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Reason for Aaron Rodgers Missing Jets Training Camp is Reportedly Revealed

Colin Cowherd: “I was told last night from a source I trust, that Aaron is on vacation and it’s overseas. I’m also told that you’ll learn about where he’s at tomorrow. Don’t wanna burn my source, but I’m told you’ll learn about it tomorrow.” 

Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd says he was told last night from a ‘source that I can trust’ that the reason Aaron Rodgers is missing mandatory New York Jets mini-camp this week is because he’s ‘on vacation and it’s overseas.’ 

Many theories have been circulating on the possible reasons behind Rodgers’ bizarre unexcused absence at Jets camp, with some even speculating that Rodgers is out on the campaign trail with Independent Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, Jr. Cowherd mocked the polarizing 40-year-old quarterback, asking if perhaps Rodgers is on jury duty, or if Coachella is still going. 

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why the Jets are getting taken to the cleaners by the four-time NFL MVP, and why toothless leadership is letting the diva quarterback run roughshod over one of the NFL’s most incompetent franchises.

“Aaron Rodgers didn’t show up for day one of mini-camp. Through the years I’ve said that there’s too much football practice. Sean McVay came to the Rams with a different sensibility and said ‘let’s lighten up practice, and let’s not play any our starters in the preseason’... People scoffed and rolled their eyes. ‘THEY WON’T BE READY FOR THE OPENER!’... They started the year 8-0. It doesn’t bother me that much that Aaron Rodgers missed a day of mini-camp, although Dianna Russini says he now will miss the entire camp. 
Missing the entire camp? Is it jury duty? Is he at a sales conference? Is Coachella still going on?? Events don’t last a week. So that’s real fuzzy. Why did Robert Saleh have to say that it was a ‘unexcused absence?’ He could have kept that to himself. My guess is that the power dynamics with Aaron Rodgers has always been a little off, so Saleh wants to make it clear that he runs the team and not Aaron. It felt a little passive-aggressive and like the scolding teacher.  
This is what happens when you get a prickly, rich, set-in-his-ways, passive-aggressive quarterback coming to save the franchise, and you put him with a defensive coach on the hot seat with an 11-23 record before Aaron got there. What you get is a weird power dynamic.  
Even as great as Brady was, Belichick ran the show and Tom knew it. Even as great as Mahomes is, Andy Reid runs the show. The rudderless ship known as the New York Jets needs stronger management, not less intensity, less power, and less leverage. Saleh really has his hands tied, but they’ve been tied from day one.  
When Aaron landed, Saleh was an unproven, losing record defensive coach who had no momentum, with an impulsive owner, a new GM... You thought this was gonna work?? Aaron in Green Bay never liked it that he didn’t have much control as he felt he deserved. Brady never got caught up in that. He didn’t care, he just wanted to win trophies.  
Part of Aaron’s personality has always been ‘I’M GONNA DO WHAT I WANNA DO’, so none of this is a surprise.” 

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