Piers Morgan Reveals He's Been Hospitalized

Piers Morgan has revealed that he's been hospitalized.

On Friday (January 11), the controversial 53-year-old columnist took to Twitter to break the news with a photo of him in a hospital gown and a nasal breathing tube. "Bad news… after some extensive hospital tests this morning it appears I'm not going to die," he jokes in the message. "I can only apologise for all the upset & offence I know this development will cause." PEOPLE reported that the photo was taken at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London.

While he didn't share any additional details about his hospitalization, U.K. tabloid, The Mirror, reported that the longtime TV staple will be back to work at Good Morning Britain on Monday, where he will also be making a statement about his health.

Back in November, Piers suffered from a cold that left him sweating profusely on the morning show and told co-host Charlotte Hawkins that he usually attempts to power through sick days. "I power on, I don't throw a sickie," he replied. "I only feel obliged because the viewers want to see me. When they all charge to their remotes to see me, why would I not be here, even if I'm dying?"

Photo: Getty Images